WebOS Is Dying… Again

With the latest news that HP is planning on discontinuing production of WebOS devices all together I have decided to stop working on any WebOS projects until a future device would surface or become viable. However if you are looking to purchase a HP Touchpad for a super price, make sure to check out the fire sale pricing going on at pretty much every store until they sell out. Check out more about this at the Register.


Palm Pre Plus for Sprint

So after reading around on the awesome site I found a interesting guide to combine a Palm Pre from Sprint and a Palm Pre Plus from Verizon or AT&T to make a hybrid Pre Plus for Sprint. Well I tried it out and after a few hiccups I managed to get a working Pre Plus for Sprint. Feel free to check out the guide:

WebOS Apps

Well it’s been practically forever since I have had any spare time. I decided to start with playing around with some web development again. In the next few months I’ve decided to try my hand at making a few mobile apps. I recently upgraded my cell phone and now am gladly sporting a new Palm Pre, which I couldn’t be happier with. It was a tough decision between an Android phone and a WebOS device. The Palm Pre is amazing and I am definitely glad I chose this one. Then I decided to poke around with the SDK and was amazed how familiar developing for this device felt compared to just basic web development.

So now as I start playing around making a few test apps and seeing what I can do. I would love any suggestions for a good mobile app if you have any please drop a comment!

Official Keyboard Test

So as I continue to further my education at college, I decided to get a job on campus to help pay for my endless supply of ramen noodles and attempt to once in a while spring for something slightly more edible. Well my job normally is not too bad, however sometimes me and my fellow co-worker (another student) get some pretty awesome jobs, such as testing tons of keyboards. Well this started as a way to show our boss that we tested the keyboard, then started getting bored and well, read on and you will see how the test goes.


Alien Hominid – Awesome Game!

This is a awesome side scrolling shooter. It starts out that your ufo has crashed and your character, the alien. is being hunted by the FBI and you are on the run, let the awesomeness begin…


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