After trying my experiment with using for several months and loving the clean interface, I wanted to at least try to get as close to that as possible in my Gmail account. Turns out, it is fairly simple to remove all the ads from your Gmail account and make the interface substantially cleaner.

There is two easy ways to remove most or all ads from Gmail that make it much cleaner and closer to how clean is. The first step is to get rid of the pesky ads above your emails…

To remove these ads, click the settings gear icon above-right from the message list. This will show a drop down menu where you can select the “Settings” option. This is shown in the screenshot below, with a red box around the icon and menu.

Gmail Gear Icon dropdown


They disguise the ads by calling them “Web Clips”. Along the top of the settings are a series of tabs/options and you’ll see one labelled “Web Clips”. Click that and then uncheck the “Show my web clips above the Inbox” option. You don’t need to click a button to save; it immediately takes effect.

Again, the relevent things to click are highlighted with a red box in the screenshot below.



Now go back to your inbox and there are no longer any ads above the message list.



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The next step you can take if you are like me and want ALL of the ads removed and want it to be something simple, then check out the Ad-Blocker for Gmail extension for Firefox or Chrome. After installing this simple little extension your Gmail looks more like this:

gmail ad blocker



The link to get these extensions are:

Ad-blocker for Gmail – Chrome

Ad-blocker for Gmail –  Firefox


Hope this helps make your Gmail account a little cleaner and less cluttered!