With the latest news that HP is planning on discontinuing production of WebOS devices all together I have decided to stop working on any WebOS projects until a future device would surface or become viable. However if you are looking to purchase a HP Touchpad for a super price, make sure to check out the fire sale pricing going on at pretty much every store until they sell out. Check out more about this at the Register.

The 16gb HP Touchpad appears to be going for $99 and $149 for the 32gb. I personally have been working with a 32gb loaner device from HP for development and was excited to release a tablet version of the GetHuman app, although unless they plan on selling me this loaner for the firesale price, I won’t have a device to test on and will sadly stop developing on WebOS projects.

On a possibly more positive note, I did notice the tweet of a Microsoft rep that was willing to help out any developers looking to switch to Windows Phone 7. Check out Brandon Watson’s tweet if you are in a similar situation. I hope he can deliver me a Sprint phone to test on and I would be more than happy to port my WebOS work to a platform that doesn’t just abandon it’s users so fast.