It has been a while since I have worked on these two apps, but they both just received updates. If you are using GetHuman for WP7, this will be the last update this version of the app receives, from now on the app will only be updated for WP8. Both apps received updates to allow for better social sharing and now you can share via SMS/Text message, Email, NFC, or any social networks you have setup on your phone. Also ads have been removed from both apps entirely. Polygon is still listed as a $0.99 and will allow you to “try” the app indefinitely with no ads. If you want to help support development of the app you can choose to purchase the app for the $0.99 listed in the store.

The GetHuman app is still listed as a free app and also had all the ads removed. The amount of revenue from the ads didn’t justify the reduced performance the apps were seeing from trying to fetch ads every time the app was ran. From now on, I will just allow any people who want to help support development of the apps purchase the apps, otherwise they will remain free.

Below you can see the new share via screen added to both devices:

Share Via Screen

Here is the changelog for the GetHuman app that should soon be published in the store within the next few days:

GetHuman 3.00
- Updated to WP8 application. Separate
	WP7 app will remain available,
	but no longer maintained.
- Improved speed of company list while
	scrolling, filtering, and loading.
- Added support for using NFC to
	share contact information with
	other devices.

GetHuman 2.60
- Last version to be updated for WP7.
- Removed all ads from the application.
- Added ability to share via text/sms,
	email, social sites, or copying to

GetHuman 2.5
- Added support for WP8 and WP7.8 small,
	medium, and large tiles.

GetHuman 1.0
- Initial release for WP7.

Grab a copy of both the apps here:

GetHuman for Windows Phone

Polygon for Windows Phone