I just finished up the latest updates to the GetHuman app for Windows Phone. The latest release will be implementing the new tiles available for all WP 7.8 or 8 users. Also there are several major improvements to speed and efficiency. The following changes should be published in about one week in version 2.5 in the marketplace:

  • Updated search function. New search will use autocomplete style box to help you search much faster.
  • Fixed bug occuring when app resumes from being tombstoned and a company’s details page is being displayed.
  • Fixed bug occurring after using the back key to exit the search function.
  • Updated tiles to allow for theme based coloring.
  • Added new tile sizes for Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 users.
  • Fixed bug preventing tips from being seen if an ad was displayed on the bottom of the screen.

As always make sure to rate the app in the marketplace and also provide any feedback here or in the comments in the marketplace.