With the latest iPhone 5 hitting the shelves and stories of people trying out the new mapping application that is supposed to be revolutionary, many are being let down. Personally it seems a bit crazy they waste their time trying to compete with Google on a mapping application when they are being forced to start from scratch and compete with others who have years of data and time to develop polished mapping products.

The new version of iOS 6 maps is missing quite a few features from it’s predecessor. To begin, public transit options are no longer available, offline options don’t exist, no equivalent to street view, and no venues maps.

To check out some of the awful renders the new iOS 6 maps app does check out this photo gallery at CNET: http://news.cnet.com/2300-11386_3-10013873.html

After looking at this I also stumbled on Nokia’s response to these new mapping options and couldn’t help but remind myself how badly I want the Lumia 920 to become available now. Check out Nokia’s infographic comparing the mapping options available.