The new layout here was sparked by me realizing that I needed to do something to continue to combat comment spam and a desire to redesign this site aiming more around mobile app development that I have started. So I began a hunt for a way to still maintain this site, yet spend a little less time managing this site and more time working on mobile apps.

This is where WordPress comes in. I began taking a second look at my old Joomla site and what it would take to not only update it to the latest version of the core, but also make the site much simpler to maintain. I soon began looking for the best CMS solution that was the right mix of simplicity with flexibility.

WordPress quickly became the ideal simple CMS with amazing spam protection (courtesy of Akismet) and still flexible enough to allow me to design the site how I envision it.

To aid my choice in which CMS solution to use I spent way too much time looking at all the alternatives, but ultimately narrowed it back down to the major three open source CMS options: Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. After much testing and playing around with these options ultimately I found them to be very similiar with minor differences.

The simplest way to compare them was with this handy infographic I found from that easily compared the three major open source CMS solutions available on the market today.

This chart also includes Drupal, which was the other major CMS solution I was looking into but ultimately ended up with WordPress for simplicity, community support, and flexibility.