So I got in touch with Brandon Watson and have already worked on developing GetHuman for Windows Phone 7 and also a few other apps. The real reason I am writing this article is to express how impressed I am with Windows Phone 7 after switching from WebOS.

I have been a pretty loyal fan of Palm and now HP in WebOS’s dying days. I have gone from a Palm Pre, to a Sprint Franken Pre+, and lastly a Sprint Franken Pre 2. If you are still a die hard fan of WebOS and still have your Palm Pre do yourself a favor and switch to Windows Phone 7. After just playing with the HTC Mazaa development device I got from Microsoft, I have already gone out and bought myself a Sprint HTC Arrive to replace my aging Palm Pre 2. I must admit though, Sprint yet again desperately needs to support better phones. I love Windows Phone 7, but one device is hardly a selection.

WP7 simply works. The device loads apps blazing fast, performs almost every need out of the box, and has better hardware than any of the Pre devices I have owned. Also on a minor note, I played with my new HTC Arrive before updating it to the “Mango” update and it does make a world of a difference. If you played with a WP7 device before this latest update, forget every impression you have and give it another try. I can completely understand why I remembered WP7 as half finished before, but now it is definitely finished and even starting to incorporate some of the best parts of WebOS like style. The multitasking isn’t quite the same, but it does have a very familiar card look and gets hours longer battery life than the Pre 2.


For more info on the “Mango” update and a few links I found helpful when switching from WebOS to WP7 check out these links:

Engadget’s Full Mango Review

How-To Sync Multiple Google Calendars with WP7

Lastly here is a few new phones that one could only dream Sprint might get: HTC Radar and HTC Titan


On another note, I will post more on updates as I finish up the first apps for Windows Phone 7. As always if you have an suggestion or idea for an app, drop me a comment.