I have finally finished up the last part for the initial release of the GetHuman app for WP7 platform. The WP7 version has many improvements over the WebOS version and also I will be continuing to maintain the WP7 version for the foreseeable future since WP7 applications will continue to be supported in WP8.

Some of the main features I made sure to improve from the WebOS version include:


  • Faster loading (staying in line with Windows Phone Marketplace rules the app launches and loads list of companies in less than 4 seconds)
  • The list of companies and one contact method for each is stored locally on the device and always accessible, with or without an internet connection while using the app.
  • Ability to see user reviews and also additional tips that users have submitted for each company (this still requires internet access to load)

I am hoping to add in some features to allow you to make additional suggestions for ways to contact the company in the app and also to support the feature to have the company call you back instead of waiting on hold to speak to the company. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of these features.

Lastly enjoy some screenshots of version 1.0 of the GetHuman app for WP7:

Stay tuned for once the app gets approved to get published in the marketplace and I will post a link to find it. Also soon I will be putting a separate link in the top navigation for each of the apps I publish. There you will be able to find the latest information, update changes, and screenshots for each app.

Update: The app is now published and can be found by in the marketplace or by using this handy button: