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I am a student at Iowa State University and enjoy working on web development and mobile apps in my spare time.

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5 X 5 Strength App Updates

I was able to publish the first version of the 5×5 Strength app for WP8 devices a few months back and am glad to hear about all the feedback. I already published two updates to resolve minor bug issues with the workout progress being lost when the screen locks. Up next I am excited to add support for kilograms, progress charts, and maybe even a between lift timer.

Make sure to go checkout the current version out there and feel free to leave comments here or submit a review of what you think so far: (more…) Experiment (Part 2)

So it has been a few months and I actually stuck with up until recently switching back to Gmail. is a great platform, it just lacks a few minor features that I couldn’t get over. There were a few things I did find I missed from Outlook when switching back to to Gmail though also.

For starters, I still use my Outlook account for all my Microsoft services. I found there to be several bugs with switching your email alias to a different one if you already have a Windows Phone device registered to your Outlook email. Not a huge deal, I just forward my Outlook emails to my Gmail again now.

Now for the main differences that made me switch back… (more…)

Remove Ads from Gmail

After trying my experiment with using for several months and loving the clean interface, I wanted to at least try to get as close to that as possible in my Gmail account. Turns out, it is fairly simple to remove all the ads from your Gmail account and make the interface substantially cleaner.

There is two easy ways to remove most or all ads from Gmail that make it much cleaner and closer to how clean is. The first step is to get rid of the pesky ads above your emails… (more…) Experiment

So I have been a long time user of Gmail and many other Google services and recently when the new service was announced I decided to register an email address that way I could claim one before all good variations of my name were taken. With a name like John Jones it doesn’t take too long. Sadly after I did get a rather short email address I never decided to use it for email, rather I just tied my Xbox Live, Zune, and other Microsoft services to it. Well now I have decided to give it a try and rather than just start with a few emails here and there from this account I dove in head first. I moved everything from my Gmail over and now will use as my main email service for the next few days or until I decide whether I’m switching for good or going back to Gmail.


Polygon & GetHuman Updates

It has been a while since I have worked on these two apps, but they both just received updates. If you are using GetHuman for WP7, this will be the last update this version of the app receives, from now on the app will only be updated for WP8. Both apps received updates to allow for better social sharing and now you can share via SMS/Text message, Email, NFC, or any social networks you have setup on your phone. Also ads have been removed from both apps entirely. Polygon is still listed as a $0.99 and will allow you to “try” the app indefinitely with no ads. If you want to help support development of the app you can choose to purchase the app for the $0.99 listed in the store. (more…)

GetHuman updated for Windows Phone 8

I just finished up the latest updates to the GetHuman app for Windows Phone. The latest release will be implementing the new tiles available for all WP 7.8 or 8 users. Also there are several major improvements to speed and efficiency. The following changes should be published in about one week in version 2.5 in the marketplace: (more…)

Convert a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND into a Wireless Repeater

I realized the other day that my basement has rather poor Wi-Fi reception and decided to look into fixing this problem. I started by seeing how feasible it would be to simply move the main router, although due to the weird wiring in the house and the fact that my router was a modem router combo that required being near a cable outlet, it proved to be a bigger hassle than it was worth. I then remembered I had an old router I wasn’t using that I could possibly setup as a wireless repeater.

I explored using the stock firmware, which I quickly found won’t work in my setup because my main base router which was provided from the cable company does not support WDS bridging. The lack of features on the main router due to it having a fairly stripped down firmware left me with few options, so I decided to give DD-WRT a try and see how easy it was to implement a Client-Bridge function in that firmware. (more…)

Learning LINQ to XML

Since releasing the first version of GetHuman app for Windows Phone it has been a while since I have been working on any new apps. I decided to finish up a small app that I had started some time back, namely the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) Calculator app. To begin with this app I began to attempt deriving formulas to compute the scores, but soon realized two things:

  1. One: Deriving all the formulas to compute the scores for each event in the APFT would take me longer than writing a quick look up function, and…
  2. Two: I had never used LINQ to XML before and this was an excuse to learn how to use this.


GetHuman for WP7 Released

The first version of the Windows Phone 7 GetHuman app has been released and is now available in the Marketplace. Make sure to download your free copy of it and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for the app. Use the link below to grab the download or send the app to your phone:


GetHuman for Windows Phone 7

I have finally finished up the last part for the initial release of the GetHuman app for WP7 platform. The WP7 version has many improvements over the WebOS version and also I will be continuing to maintain the WP7 version for the foreseeable future since WP7 applications will continue to be supported in WP8.

Some of the main features I made sure to improve from the WebOS version include:


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