So I was transferring several of my mp3 files onto my phone to be able to have them to play anywhere when I realized all the album artwork that shows up in iTunes doesn’t seem to be copying over with the mp3’s. So I began to poke around on the internet and I continually was finding the AppleScript:

This wasn’t at all helpful to me though, because I run a PC and can’t exactly run that script. After wasting too much time with countless id3 tag editors in hope they would have a feature like this, I managed to stumble across a site by someone called Teridon who had written a VBScript, a Perl script and a exe that all worked with iTunes 6-9. Unfortunately for me I just upgraded to version 10. So i downloaded the VBScript and just glanced at the code to see if there was some reason it would work with iTunes 10. After just modifying the check to see if your version of iTunes was 7 to a 10, Voila! it worked flawlessly!

For a little help I wrote a super short tutorial to use this file so you wont wonder why it keeps throwing an error when you just double click it.

Here’s the modified VBScript I used: iTunes.vbs
(Right click or option-click the link and choose “Save As…” to download this file.)

 Thanks to JRSousa2 for the error checking fix!

Make sure to open a run window by choosing “Run” from the start menu and then typing “cscript PATH.TO.THE.FILEitunes.vbs” obviously replace PATH.TO.THE.FILE with the path to where you downloaded the script. To make it super simple just download it to the root of the C drive.

Next it will pop up a menu with all your playlists. It should read something like this:

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Select from the following playlists

Number of playlists: 11
1: Library
2: Music
3: Movies
4: TV Shows
5: Genius
6: iTunes DJ
7: My Top Rated
8: Recently Added
9: Recently Played
10: Unrated Songs
11: Z Testing Ones

Enter comma-separated lists to process:

Simple type the number of the corresponding playlist you want it to run on and hit enter. Now sit back and wait. It does take it some time, but I did it on my library right before I went to sleep and woke up to a complete library and mp3’s with embedded artwork. I ran it first on some test files, hence the playlist named “Z Testing Ones” so I could ensure it wouldn’t break anything and it still worked. I would recommend the same before you run it on your whole music library. But after a few tests, I noticed no problems and ran it on the whole library.
The original file came from Teridon. I only modified one line of code to allow it to work on iTunes 10. If you want to check out his code or if you have iTunes 6-9 I would go here: and download the original. If you have any questions feel free to post them.