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GetHuman for WebOS

The first version of GetHuman for WebOS devices has been released to the Palm app store. The GetHuman app has customer service phone numbers, email addresses, chat options, and more for major businesses, and the steps for getting a live person – just like the web site. But unlike the site, the app is on your phone, meaning that you can contact customer support from wherever you are. The app dials the phone number for you after suggesting how to talk to a real person. The app also updates itself weekly from, the collaborative consumer information database. (more…)

WebOS Apps

Well it’s been practically forever since I have had any spare time. I decided to start with playing around with some web development again. In the next few months I’ve decided to try my hand at making a few mobile apps. I recently upgraded my cell phone and now am gladly sporting a new Palm Pre, which I couldn’t be happier with. It was a tough decision between an Android phone and a WebOS device. The Palm Pre is amazing and I am definitely glad I chose this one. Then I decided to poke around with the SDK and was amazed how familiar developing for this device felt compared to just basic web development.

So now as I start playing around making a few test apps and seeing what I can do. I would love any suggestions for a good mobile app if you have any please drop a comment!

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